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Want to video tape some speeches? ... a play? ... an egg toss in Physics class or experiment in Chemistry??
Would you like your students to do some digital storytelling or act out word problems in math class?

There are many ways to use flipcams in your classes! They really spice things up, and it is SO easy to take the videos right from your camera to your hard drive, your class website, or our new Ambridge website!!

Here is the handout for session 1:
Here is the handout for session 2:

Want some more ideas??
Check this site for 10 cool ideas.
And here are three more great sites I found today! ...
44 Interesting Ways
20 Ways ... from Free Tech for Teachers
Another nice tutorial you can print out - with a link in it for 35 more ideas!!

In addition to the flipcams you may have purchased, and the one that Ambridge has to lend out, we have up to 15 flipcams available from the IU, but these are shared with all of the districts in the county.

Please call me at ext. 2210 if you would like to borrow any flipcams, and if we do not already have them on loan, I will get you what you need.

Extra Tips

Are you planning on editing the video?
Differences between the flipcams:
Ambridge flipcam video format: .avi
IU flipcam video format: .mp4

Why does this matter? ...
We have Windows Movie Maker that you can use to edit your video.
If you want to split the video into separate clips, or split the video or cut parts of it out, add music, titles, etc., you will need your videos to be .avi or .wmv files.

How do I convert an .mp4 to an .avi?? There are several ways, but the easiest way without needing to download any software is at Zamzar. Just go to, browse to your file, choose .avi to have it converted to, and provide your email. You will receive your converted file in about 15 minutes.

If you are looking to convert videos at home, I would suggest Any Video Converter (I use it a lot!). It is free, but requires a download and install, so you can't use it at school.

Also, you can put them on the s: drive in the videos folder, email me, and I'll do it for you. =)

If you just want to play them back on your computer, or you just want to post them on your website, either format is fine!

BVIU Training

For those of you with PCs or Macs, or who just want a simpler alternative for editing your video,
try JayCut - an online (hence cross-platform) video editor.

And guess what, Movie Maker people ... it has chroma-key!!! (aka green-screen!) =)

Here's a little video of how I used Jaycut and it's green-screen capabilities with my daughter...