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Welcome to your page on help for all things Microsoft Office 365!

Here you will find manuals, videos, and other helpful documents and tutorials to help you become comfortable with our new collaboration platform, OneDrive. Learn everything from making class notebooks in OneNote to simply organizing your files in OneDrive.

If you have not yet set up your Ambridge Office 365 account, please follow the instructions here from Josh's handout. It contains the link you need to log in the first time. It also has instructions for installing Office programs on your device. Please note that you need only do this if you do not have Microsoft Office already. In other words, you do not need to do this on your Ambridge computer. If, however, you have a computer, laptop, iPad, or other tablet or device at home where you would like to work in Office programs, but you do not already have Microsoft Office on that device, it is now free to install there!
Josh's Getting Started instructions:

Want to do some reading on Microsoft OneNote? Check out this page on OneNote in Education!

Here is an AMAZING (and quite lengthy!) presentation giving a great overview of ways to use Office 365 to streamline your class.

Let's get started with an interactive tutorial on OneNote class notebooks: