Shared Bookmarks

Need a resource quick? Don't have the time to go through 10's or 100's of Google results? (and haven't seen our page on Google advanced searches?) ;-)

Take a look at what others have already deemed "bookmark-worthy". Here is my tag cloud.
Just click on any word below, and be taken to all of the links I have saved on that topic. Once on my Diigo page, you can narrow your search by adding more tags.
For instance, if you clicked on Science, and you have too many results, type elementary, or physics, or biology in the top box for tags, along with science, and you will see a more narrowed list of results.
The bigger the tag, the more links you will find.

Also, we have our own group on Diigo. It would be great to have more members to share resources! You can sign up for your own Diigo educator's account here, then join the Ambridge group. You can share to the group as well as see what has been shared to it through your email.
Here are the links shared to the Ambridge group.

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