Disclaimer: =)
The following information is for Adobe products, which we have a license for at the high school only.

Adobe CS5:

We will be giving you a brief overview of things you can do with Photoshop. For more video tutorials, visit the Adobe TV Channel "Learn Photoshop CS5".
The first video, to give you a general overview of Photoshop and related photo editing programs, is here...

There is so much you can do with Adobe! Between the Creative Suite of Tools and Adobe Acrobat Pro, there are hours of lessons you could take to learn them all!

Luckily, Adobe offers free tutorials on everything. All you need is the time and the motivation, and the training is all at your disposal.

What I'd like to do here is offer a few tips on cool things you can do with Adobe. At the end of these you'll find links to numerous other tutorials you can work through.

Saving pdf files from the internet:

You probably already knew that when you open a web page, if it happens to be a pdf file, you can save it. But, just in case you didn't ...

If your page is a pdf, an "adobe" toolbar will appear in your browser.
Simply click save, then browse to your network drive. Now, the pdf is yours! You can print off copies as needed, or, better yet, upload to Edline for your students.


Adobe mark-up tools:

Combining multiple pdf's into one:

Adobe forms:

Here's a helpful link for forms in general, although this particular tutorial pertains specifically to making lesson plans using adobe.

Creating a portfolio: