Think you know all there is to know about Google?

It's more than just a verb...

So much more, that it rates its own page here on our wiki. =) By the time you've digested everything that there is on this page, rest assured, there'll be more to learn.

Let's get started...You'll wonder how life ever existed...B.G.
(yes, before Google)

And thanks to Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers (and completely amazing educator), here are several resources you can keep at your disposal when learning how to utilize the many things Google has to offer:

Google for Teachers -

Google for Teachers II -

For now, I've stopped with these two tutorials.

But there are many, many more!

To find out how to do more with Google Earth, creating quizzes using Google Forms, and more, check out Richard's post full of Google tutorials.

Want ideas on how to use Google Forms in the classroom?
Well...Dianne Krause just shared 66 of them!!!

Day 1 Handout:

Still need a Google Account? Click here.