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Dropbox with JotForm

  1. Store files where you can locate them from any computer where you have Dropbox installed.
  2. Share any folders you want from your dropbox with other dropbox users.
  3. Set up a JotForm for anyone to send files straight to your dropbox!

Getting started with Dropbox:
  1. Go to
  2. Create an account.
  3. Install Dropbox on all computers you use.


Everything you need to know...and more!
Using The Magic Pocket: A Dropbox Manual

This is what JotForm looks like embedded into a website.
All files uploaded here will go to my dropbox.
(I do have only 4GB of storage in my dropbox, and I use it almost daily, so if you want to practice uploading a file, please type "practice upload" in the description so I can delete it right away. Thanks!) =)

To set up your own JotForm, go to, click on "Create a Dropbox Form", and follow the instructions.

This just in!!! =)
To share files even easier, use the link to my DropItToMe!


Evernote is...